Sleep, very essential before long poker games

bonbuu.comSleep, very essential before long poker games. To hold on well during a long game of poker, the player needs a good night’s sleep, but why? Most poker tournaments take place at night, in casinos, in halls and even the most important online tournaments. This is something of prime importance, as for top athletes. Visit this site for Poker terpercaya.

Sleep among online players

For the online player, the effects of a lack of sleep will probably never be felt by his opponent, however a study to prove that lack of sleep can be fatal for the player’s wallet.

This study on sleep published in early 2010 by the “Journal of Neuroscience” shows a similarity between a tired player and a drunk: the risk assessment is altered; the risk of risk increases considerably. Thus, the tired player, who lacks sleep, will spend more easily and quickly money in poker than a player in good shape and in full possession of his means. According to this study, “the brain works less quickly” and reflexes are slower.

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Sleep among offline players

It is even more important for the offline player to heal his sleep because unlike the one who plays poker on the internet, he finds himself directly confronted with his opponents. An adult needs 7 to 8 hour of sleep, especially before a tournament!

And the player must use them to be in the best shape of poker and not show any signs of fatigue to his competitors.

Still, according to the study published in the “Journal of Neuroscience”, when we are awake for a long time, we have less emotional flexibility and our judgment is altered as our reaction time. The player will have more difficulty in hiding his emotions and his opponents will read in him as in an open book.

Beware of alcohol and fatigue in casinos

Be careful when you get free alcohol at a casino. Combined with fatigue, players sometimes become irrational, spend without counting, play poorly and bet without lucidity. Because alcohol is not the best friend of gambling!

Another thing, think about taking a watch or watching the time on your cell phone in a casino because you will not see a clock.

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