How much you know about counting cards in blackjack

bonbuu.comHow much you know about counting cards in blackjack. This is the most studied strategy in the history of online casinos. It is also this strategy that has made blackjack in recent years become so popular with the new generation, and in addition, it was staged in the cinema, with the American film Las Vegas 21, the perfect cocktail so to become a “fashionable” strategy.In this article, we will first look at the beginnings of this strategy, then see what it is and then simply observe how it is applied. Visit this site for

How was the card counting strategy born?

This strategy, we have it must once again to an American, always mathematician: Thorp. This man was inspired by the work of Baldwin about ten years later, around 1960. He also passionate about gambling, he discovered the basic strategy and wanted to take it further. After having himself applied this technique of play, he was quickly attracted by the fact that in blackjack, the cards are not put back immediately in the shoe to be mixed, no, on the contrary, they are left aside until what the hoof exhausts or almost. Blackjack is called “a game without discount”, unlike many games like baccarat for example.


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What are we talking about?

Thorp’s thinking is very interesting since it is said that if the cards do not immediately return to the hoof, it means that it is possible, by elimination, to know what is there. And knowing the content, it would be much easier to know if it’s time to play strong bets or weak bets, depending on the profile of the game.

But a game of blackjack, it often goes fast enough, so how to hold all the cards that pass in front of you without forgetting and mix the brushes? That’s what Thorp thought about. He came to the conclusion that it was not the cards themselves that needed to be remembered but rather their value.

From theory to practice

He put a technique in place, the strategy of counting cards, which would revolutionize the world of blackjack. The technique theoretically is very simple, the goal is to simply assign a value to each type of card in order to locate the card and quickly qualify. Once the qualification is done, you deduct or add to your account. Before giving you an example, let’s look at these values together:

  • +1 point for cards from 2 to 6
  • 0 points for cards from 7 to 9
  • -1 point for cards from 10 to the ace

This way, when you see a map on the table, you apply that notation. You start the account at the beginning of the game, at 0. Then you will be able to manage the count and make decisions about the value you have:

For a negative account, some caution should be applied, do not play too hard.

For a positive account, then it’s time to let go, go there, play hard, as hard as you can.